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Sunday 9 Sept 2018

The 2018 hurricane season is heating up, with Hurricane Florence taking aim at the East Coast of the US. Now is the time to make sure you and your family are prepared! 

Beyond planning, communicating, and preparing for the personal safety of you and your family, there are additional steps that we as radio amateurs can take to help our families and communities:

* Charge your batteries! If you have HT's that can run on AA batteries, stock up on those.

* Make sure your go-kit is fully stocked, including those freshly charged batteries and extra AAs. Add a couple of extra water bottles and survival food while you're at it.

* Prep your generator.
* Change the oil, fill the tank, and exercise it for a few minutes under a moderate load.

* Consider taking down your outdoor antennas.
* Could your tribander become airborne in 100mph winds?
* Could your crank-up tower crash the roof of the house if it falls?
* Could your inverted-V fly away, cross power lines, and electrocute someone?

* Prepare for lots of rain and wind... and maybe a tree in your living room.
* Hurricanes are wind and rain events, which often means fallen trees.
* Your radio gear will not function if it is soaking wet.
* Store your gear in sturdy, sealable plastic bins in an interior room.
* Unplug any electronics before the storm hits, to avoid damage in case of power surges or brown-outs.

* Monitor the regional HF nets (please avoid transmitting on these frequencies unless you are actively rendering assistance):
* Marine calling frequency on 14.300 USB.
* The Hurricane Watch Net on 14.325 USB (day) and 7.268 LSB (night).
* Old Dominion Emergency Net on 3.947 or 7.240 LSB.

* Monitor and/or check into your local VHF/UHF nets:
* The RATS net, Thursdays at 8pm local time on RATS VHF, 146.88+ PL 74.4.
* Any ad hoc SkyWarn nets, on the RATS VHF, 146.88+ PL 74.4.

Please be sure to reach out to other club members if you need assistance - we will be happy to help!

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