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This information does not update in real-time, but any known system issues will be posted here when practical.

For APRS digipeater network status, see the Digipeater Status page.

Updated Mar 23 2019 at 6:30 PM by Steve Crow KG4PEQ

System/Component Status Detail
VHF Repeater - Basic Voice Services


2019-03-23:  The W4RAT VHF repeater continues to experience degraded reception due to an unidentified hardware issue.  A site visit today included a detailed check of equipment at the surface, and no issues were found.  A temporary hardware configuration change has been made as an experiment, which may temporarily cause a further loss of receive sensitivity.  Our UHF repeaters are not impacted.  The club is making arrangements for a tower crew.  Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Previous updates:

2019-03-15:  The VHF repeater continues to experience intermittent noise.  A site visit has been scheduled for Saturday, March 23 to re-sweep the system to attempt to pinpoint the origin.  Additionally, various members of the Board and Tech Committee have been working on lining up a tower crew to perform required maintenance aloft.  Additional details will be provided as available.

2019-03-06:  The VHF repeater is experiencing intermittent noise on received signals due to an unidentified equipment issue.  The Tech Committee is aware of the situation and additional information will be provided as it becomes available.  Users on handheld or QRP radios, as well as users outside the immediate Richmond area may have difficulty accessing the repeater until this is resolved.

VHF Repeater - Autopatch Operating Normally   

Operating Normally

Temporary Service Change

Node 4424 is available from 7 AM to midnight local time daily.

2019-03-23:  The IRLP node has been temporarily relocated to the UHF analog repeater.  Same operating instructions, same node number, same availability.  The IRLP node will remain here until we resolve RF performance issues on the VHF repeater.

VHF Spare RepeaterReadyStaged, programmed, and ready.
VHF Primary Antenna and Feedline (680 ft)Degraded

In service on W4RAT VHF analog repeater.

2019-03-23:  Repair/replacement pending, no ETR.

2019-03-06:  The RATS Technical Committee is investigating intermittent degradation of received signals on the VHF analog repeater.  A sweep of the antenna and feedline system on Jun 02 2018 revealed no immediately obvious problems.  Additional diagnostic work is required.  The VHF repeater should continue to experience intermittent problems until the failing component(s) can be identified and repaired/replaced.

VHF Backup Antenna and Feedline (460 ft)Degraded

In service on W4RAT-1 digipeater.

2019-03-23:  Replacement pending, no ETR.

2019-03-15:  A tower crew is being selected and an anticipated replacement date will be communicated on this page as soon as it is available.

Previous updates:

2019-02-24:  A sweep of the antenna and feedline system on Jun 02 2018 revealed a failure in this antenna resulting in degraded receive and high SWR.  Replacement is planned but no timeline has been set. 

UHF Analog Repeater - Basic Voice Services

Operating Normally

UHF Analog Repeater - Autopatch Operating Normally  
UHF Primary Antenna and Feedline (680 ft)Operating Normally

In service on W4RAT UHF analog repeater.

UHF Backup Antenna and Feedline (460 ft)Operating NormallyIn service on W4RAT UHF DMR repeater.
UHF DMR Repeater

Operating Normally

Internet StreamingOperating Normally2019-03-23:  The failed USB sound card has been replaced.  The new sound card was installed on the VHF stream, which should provide a better listening experience.  The UHF stream is back online.
Backup Power Systems (UPS, batteries, generator)Operating Normally Last UPS runtime test 23 Feb 2019 by KG4PEQ, no issues.
Last battery inspection 23 Feb 2019 by KK4IUH, no issues.

Next scheduled site visits:

TBD - Antenna replacements and other equipment repairs/replacements/upgrades.

Last repeater site visits:

Mar 23 2019 by KG4PEQ, KG4INW - RF diagnostics (NTF), replaced USB sound card, updated repeater controller programming, resolved networking issue with UHF IRLP node, and moved VHF IRLP node to UHF repeater temporarily.
Feb 24 2019 by KG4PEQ, K2VIZ - general maintenance
Feb 23 2019 by KG4PEQ, KK4IUH - general maintenance; battery tests (no issues)
Feb 22 2019 by KG4PEQ - general maintenance, update UHF controller programming

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