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Digipeater Status

Here's a list of APRS digipeaters which are operated by RATS or by a third party in coordination with RATS.

For voice repeater status information, see the Repeater Status page.

Updated 8/16/19 by Peter Martin K2VIZ

 Location, Call Sign,
Node Type, and Information
Node Status Additional Detail
W4RAT-1 - Chesterfield (WIDE1/2)
Sponsored by WCVE/CPB

 Operating Normally

2019-10-18: Offline - antenna is being use RATS VHF as backup antenna — planned outage is 30 days or more

2019-05-01:  Antenna replacement pending

Previous updates:

2019-02-24:  This APRS node is experiencing degraded coverage due to a failed antenna.  We are aware of the condition but no timeline has been set for repair.  The digi is on the air and passing traffic but with a high SWR and reduced fringe coverage.

2019-08-16: Normal operation reported

W4RAT-2 - Beaverdam  (WIDE1/2)
Sponsored by Peter Martin K2VIZ
 Operating Normally  
W4RAT-5 - Prince George (WIDE1/2)
Sponsored by Jay Lovelady KD4BPZ
 Operating Normally  

*Geo-Fencing is made possible with the rules-based processing of the TNC-X Terminal Node Controller with the USmartDIGI digipeater module:
NORTH: 38.140D, -77.520D
EAST: 37.149D, -76.418D
SOUTH: 36.555D, -77.352D
WEST: 37.553D, -78.549D

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